STUDY PROJECT - 2007 - electrotechniques, basic crafting skills, graphic design, audio design, hardware design, scripting
Lieven Maes (project-manager), Ralph van Barneveld, Dennis Donker, Sylt Steen, Martijn v.D.d.H.
Create a multimedia art object that interacts with it's surroundings and seduces spectators to take some sort of action.
We designed an interactive quizmaster. It turns to spectators and seduces them to push his button. When they do, the quizmaster starts asking questions, while secretly filming the contenders. Afterwards, a replay of the images is displayed, resulting in great hilarity. We displayed it on several expositions, including the GOGBOT festival (see link) and the Gameplay fair in Utrecht. Don't forget to watch the images! Video is coming soon!


NAMELieven Maes
KVK09168776 0000