Welcome at LeBelg Multimedia design. Whether you need a website, a complete new corprate identity, or even a multimedia installation, this is the place to be. Feel free to contact me any time, by email ( lieven@lebelg.nl ), or phone (+31628590243).
I'm Lieven Maes, Bachelor of Art and Technology. I graduated in 2009 at the Saxion University in Enschede. I am currently the owner of LeBelg multimedia design and co-owner of 100%FAT, a company that specialises in unique interactive multimedia installations. This site however is focused on my achievements during my study and during paid projects with LeBelg Multimedia design. Since 2010, 100%FAT is taking more and more of my time, but I am still taking on new projects with LeBelg because I love the versatility of handling numerous projects.
You'll find more information about each project I participated in by clicking on a block and then hovering over the yellow "about" bar in the upper left corner. For more images or video's just hover over the two red bars on the right. I hope you enjoy my portfolio.
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NAMELieven Maes
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